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  1. information about the care of the terminally ill.
  2. Transdermal Fentanyl in Hospice Care
  3. Sedation in Terminal Agitation
  4. Treatment of Terminal Dyspnea with Nebulized Morphine
  5. The Hospice FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  6. Management of Intestinal Obstruction in Hospice Care
  7. Transdermal Fentanyl (Duragesic®) in Hospice Care
  8. Palliation of Painful Bone Metastases: Strontium-89
  9. Sedation for Terminal Agitation
  10. Nebulized Morphine and the Management of Terminal Dyspnea
  11. The Therapeutic Baptism
  12. Current Concepts in Pain Control
  13. Is There an Answer to the "Medical Review Policy" Nightmare?
  14. An Obvious Call for Better Communication
  15. Science, Hospice, and Terminal Dehydration
  16. Heroin and the Immune-System Modulating Properties of Opioids
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  18. Type 2 Diabetes – Making the Most of the Lazy Days of Summer
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