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  1. FDA commissioner talks counterfeit drugs
  2. Recycled hotel soap saves children's lives
  3. Parents sizzle over 'pink slime' in US school meals
  4. Red meat boosts risk of dying young: study
  5. smoking's scary side
  6. Cancer costs hit young and poor hardest
  7. Blueberries and apples tied to lower diabetes risk
  8. Program helps at-risk adults keep the weight off
  9. CORRECTION: Dutch extend warning on French breast implants
  10. Lethal "cocktail" threatens Africa's Sahel
  11. Fewer kids dying from leukemia: study
  12. U.S. man hugs doctors after seeing face transplant
  13. gene that can make flu a killer
  14. Many young cancer patients don't discuss fertility
  15. Bread blamed for Americans' high salt intake
  16. lower risk of heart arrhythmia
  17. Weight loss may prevent leaky bladder in diabetes
  18. lower risk of colon polyps by eating fish
  19. Frito-Lay chips not "all natural": lawsuit
  20. "Spam" linked to diabetes risk in Native Americans
  21. FDA clears more orange juice imports
  22. Soccer warm-up may help teen basketball players
  23. prostate-cancer vaccine Provenge
  24. U.S. autism rates reach new height
  25. One 'Bully' in theaters, but bigger bullies on Web
  26. overweight women have higher risk of Blood clot
  27. Hepatitis B program helps cut infant infections
  28. cheaper cancer drugs
  29. Improvements in autism symptoms vary kid by kid
  30. Formula-fed babies don't always overeat
  31. Big Tobacco must tell you what you're smoking
  32. Combined vaccine not tied to seizures in older kids
  33. Menthol smokers have more strokes
  34. Nicotine patch may help prevent smoking relapses
  35. Sexual side effect warnings added to Merck drugs
  36. Infant sleep problems
  37. Protect heart after surgery
  38. Grant funding for Planned Parenthood
  39. Bayer to pay at least $110 million in settlement
  40. Higher stroke risk with high salt intake
  41. Feds weigh pulling drug licenses for two CVS stores
  42. Acupuncture for irritable bowels
  43. Prevention a low priority in heart docs' training
  44. Returning soldiers have more car crashes: study
  45. Worm gene increases "good" fat in sheep clone
  46. Back HeartWare blood pump device
  47. Common painkillers tied to lower skin cancer risk
  48. Doctors save baby with smallest artificial heart
  49. Europe clears Roche drug after contamination scare
  50. Feigning injury could risk lives, says football ref
  51. Kids who drink soda, juice weigh more
  52. Sun protection Golden rules
  53. Skin reactions with acetaminophen
  54. kidney injury from surgery may be stopped by Ultrasound
  55. Artificial human ear
  56. Causes of coronary heart disease
  57. Back Pain Overtreated
  58. Cosmetic Surgery Limits
  59. Sleep Loss and Weight Gain
  60. Eating Fruit lower body weight
  61. Obesity Rates in Childhood Drop Slightly
  62. Fat-Cell 'Switch'
  63. New dads often experience shifts in sexual desire
  64. Hot Cocoa Improve Brain power
  65. Dental Care Importance for Pregnant Women
  66. Obesity Gene in Humans
  67. Asthma in obese kids
  68. Toys Lasers Can Cause Serious Eye Damage
  69. Eating Fish and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  70. Sensitive Teeth Management
  71. Breastfeeding Benefit for a Mom's health
  72. Pregnant and Obese
  73. Extra vitamin D and high blood pressure
  74. Comfort a Child With Croup
  75. Kids Poor sleep and lower academic performance
  76. Chronic alcohol use shifts brainís control of behavior
  77. Painkillers Abuse Raises Risk of Heroin Use
  78. Breast milk delivers beneficial bacteria
  79. Mom's Genes and Children Age
  80. H1n3 Virus
  81. Stop Snoring Device
  82. Dr oz diet
  83. Dr oz cleanse
  84. Inhaled Insulin (Afrezza) Gets FDA Approval
  85. Zika virus