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11-29-2009, 09:48 AM
Age: Elderly people
Growth: Very rapid growth to infiltrate thyroid and surroundings.
MAC: Hard nodular mass
MIC: Two types:
Small cell type mistaken for lymphosarcoma.
Giant cell type mistaken for fibrosarcoma.
Spread: Early by blood and lymphatics.

Surgery: difficult (only justifiable if there is no extracapsular infiltration and evidence of metastases). Decompression isthmectomy is better than tracheostomy which is best avoided.
Radiotherapy: is the best line as it is radiosensitive. Also Adriamycine may be helpful as a palliative chemotherapy.
Prognosis: very bad.
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01-27-2012, 07:33 AM
Thats a VERY interesting story - Ive only ever had two removed; one was squamous cell carcinoma on my back picked up very early, and the other more recently was BCC.

However, Ive had my eye on two patches over the last two or three years which to me looked like they might want to start something - one a very small area by my eyebrow that always needed abrasion or would go scaly at the drop of a hat, and another 1cm round near my wrist that would always be scaly and scab and bleed from time to time.

I now realise that since starting on melanotan II Id completely forgotten about them until reminded in this thread, and having checked - both have now disappeared. The one near my eyebrow has literally disappeared, and the one on my wrist can just be seen but resembles an old scar rather than anything active.

However, Im not sure that its as a result of the melanotan II - I would have said it was more likely to be that my skin is certainly less dry on melanotan II so perhaps theres a moisturising effect that is inhibiting any scaling on these two patches? On the other hand, I think BCC and SCC come from melanin DNA damage, so perhaps by flooding our bodies with new melanin supplies were overwhelming the DNA-damaged stuff? DISCLAIMER: I dont have a science degree, so excuse and ignore my half-baked cod-theories, but I wonder if theres something here to be looked at?

02-02-2012, 04:42 AM
I like your blog.