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11-29-2009, 09:35 AM
Causes of pain in the breast (Mastalgia):
µ Pain originating from the brast.
@ Acute mastitis.
@ Mastitis of puperty.
@ Cyclical pain (common)
@ Milk engorgement.
@ Acute stage of plasma cell mastitis.
@ Fibroadenoma and fibroadenosis may cause pain which increase with menstruation.
@ Carcinoma is never painful except if advanced infection is occurred.
µ Pain originating from nearby lesion.
@ Trauma to the chest wall.
@ Trietze’ disease: Idiopathic painful swollen tender costocondral junctions.
@ Angina pectoris.
@ Chest causes, in bones nerves muscles and pleursa.
@ Tuberculosis.
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