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11-29-2009, 09:31 AM
1- Milk:
] Normal secretion during lactation.
] If excessive and spontaneous i.e. galactorrhea, parlodel may stop location.
] If failed, suspect pituitary lesion which must be removed.
2- Inspissated Milk:
] Usually the result of galactocele.
] Frequent evacuation may cure the case.
] Excision of the galactocele may be needed.
3- Pus:
It is rare discharge from the nipple. WHY? as the infection is usually by staph. aureus which tend to localize forming an abscess connected with the duct and point to skin.
4- Creamy or brownish debris discharge:
] Mammary duct ectasia.
5- Clear serous discharge:
] Retention cysts or cystic hyperplasia but cancer breast may be the cause.

6- Blood or dark bloody discharge:
] Retention cysts or cystic hyperplasia "more common''.
ģ Duct papilloma, duct carcinoma "In almost all cases"
7. Necrotic crystal clear discharge: is highly suggestive of underlying breast cancer.
8- Serosanginous discharge: may occur in Pagetís disease of the nipple.
9- Green serous discharge: may occure in pseudomonas contamination of the milk
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