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11-29-2009, 09:18 AM
MAMMARY DUCT ECTASIA "Plasma cell mastitis"
1- Ducts in the nipple and under the areola undergoe dilatation with accumulation of fatty debris discharge .
2- Cellular infiltration will result "esp. Plasma cells"
Acute localized mastitis for short period.
3- The inflammation end by fibrosis Hard mass with retraction of the nipple.
Clinical Picture: "It is rare condition"
(1) Acute stage: Pain . Tenderness, redness, oedema with fever.This stage usually passed unnoticed.
(2) Chronic stage : The patient usually presents with hard mass in subaeriolar region with nipple retraction, enlarged axillary L.N. and creamy or brown discharge.
Differential Diagnosis: Of hard mass in the breast "Q.CA breast"
Treatment: Excision biopsy is usually needed.
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