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11-29-2009, 09:11 AM
Nipple retraction: Two types:
I- Old (remote) retraction of the nipple:
Ä Time: It is present at puperty due to congenital cause.
ÄDiagnosis: Usually bilateral and there is no sulcus surrounding the nipple.
If discovered late, it is of no clinical importence but it may interfere with lactation, so it may be associated with diseases which are common in nonfunctioning breast.
1- Draw the nipple between thumb and fingers daily for 3 weeks.
2- Apply warmed test tube to the retracted nipple.
Ÿ Ashford operation: Draw the nipple and do burse string suture around to prevent its retraction.
II- Recent nipple retraction:
Ä Time: during womanhood due to recent lesion. Q.CA. It is usually unilateral and surrounded by sulcus. It is of great clinical importance as it may direct the attention to underlying breast cancer.
Causes of recent nipple retraction:
Ÿ Traumatic fat necrosis. Ÿ Chronic breast abscess.
Ÿ Mammary duct ectasia. ŸCancer breast.
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