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11-27-2009, 08:28 PM
Foot Infection
Common in diabetics (see later).
Foot infection are classfied into:
1- Superficial infections.
- Poronychia. - Web space infection.
- Heal space infection. - S.C. whitlows.

2- Synovial sheath infections:
- Digital sheaths. - Tibialis posterior sheath
- Long flexors. - Tibialis anterior.
- Long extensors.
3- Fascial space infection, 3 plantar spaces:
a- medial plantar space. b- lateral space.
c- Central spaces (4 compartments)
Diagnasis: As in hand infection
Follows the same priciples of hand infection.
Unlike the hand where loss of a signle tendon causes serious disability, one or more tendons may be sacrified without serious impairment of function.

* Ingrowing toenail: It is an embedded toe nail of the big toe. Tight shoes are usually the cause. Usually the lateral fold is the infected part.
Treatment is either conservative or surgical excision of the half of the nail.
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