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11-19-2009, 09:52 PM
Causative organism:
Clostridia groups which are : gram + ve , anaerobic spore forming bacilli subterminal spore, they are of two types :
1- Sacharolytic : Cl. Welshii Cl. septicum, and Cl. oedemateins.
2- Proteolytic : Cl. sporogens, Cl. histolyticum.
Source of organism : Animal and human excreta.
Mode of infection:
Contamination of the wound with infected soil or clothes.
It is common in wars , rare in civilian life .
Predisposing Factors:
Clostridia may present in many wounds without clinical infection . The following factors are needed for bacterial proliferation:
1- Local ischaemia. 2- Anaerobic medium.
3- Excessive tissue and muscle damage .
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