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11-18-2009, 07:41 PM
- Radiology & Others

A) Chest X-ray:
for Pneumothorax, Haemothorax, Rupture diaphragm
B) X-ray spine:
Lat. view is most important to look for the ant. and post. borders of the spinal canal.
C) X-ray abdomen:
Plain erect gas under diaphragm
I.V.U in cases with haematuria to show the function of both kidneys and extravasation of the dye outside the pelvi-calyceal system.
D) Others
i - Ultrasonography detect peritoneal fluid or blood & rupture solid organs.
ii- Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage (DPL) 1000 cc of normal saline is injected into the peritoneal cavity and re-aspirated. If the aspirated fluid contained > 50,000 RBCs/mm3 or more than 500 WBCs/mm3. \ intra-abdominal injury is present.
This diagnostic technique has the advantage of simplicity and accuracy. it also carry the disadvantage of being invasive and false results is obtained if the cannula pass into a viscous.
iii- CT Scannand MRI In head injury, or spinal cord injury.

- Reconstruction
According to the site and type of injury the definitive surgical treatment is done.

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