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06-05-2009, 09:22 AM
Peritoneal dialysis
Advantages it’s a:
Natural membrane able to remove the middle molecule substances
No heparin use.
No haemodynamic changes.
Disadvantages Infection peritonitis.
Delayed response, also it’s time consuming.
Injury of viscous organ.

Bleeding tendency.
Diabetic nephropathy (some prefer Peritoneal Dialysis in diabetic nephropathy)
Hypotension (it is usually does not lead to hemodynamic disturbances)


· Urgent case.(Haemodialysis is preferred)
· Ascites
· Peritoneal adhesions.

© (2-3) sessions /wk.
© Session (4-6 hrs)

nephron arterial lineNpatient
= dialyzer V
= hollow pump
fibre - ve pr.

Blood input.
Dialysate & blood
become in contact
through semipermeable
Out put membrane with
exchange accord. To
concentration gradient
Input through the membrane
dialysate of hollow fibres.
fluid blood
dialyzer out put
= hollow fibre

Connection of pt to haemodialysis machine

üA-V fistula: between Radial a. & Cephalic V.

to avoid venous pr. ­
collapse of the veins & muscular veins
when they subjected to the will developed
–ve pr. of the machine
Arterilization of vein
which become ready for connection
üAcute cases:
Connect pt from big vein to with stand the -ve pr of the machine,We use femoral vein by femoral V – catheter, also internal Jugular or subclavian veins can be used.
This is a transient measure till the fistula developed then we can connect patient from the fistula.
Complications of H. dialysis:

˛ Infection (hepatitis ) ˛ bleeding (heparin).
˛ Brain edema ˛ Hypotension.
˛ Air embolism ˛ Dialysis Dementia.
˛ Atherosclerosis ˛ Inf. Endocarditis.
˛ Pseudogout ˛ Serositis Ascites.
˛ Depression ˛ Pruritis