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03-18-2009, 10:44 AM
Lung collapse
1- Congenital
It is due to surfactant which is a lipoprotein secreted by the alveolar epithelium causing of the surface tension of fluids lining the alveoli.
N.B. Aspiration of amniotic fluid during labor collapse

2- Acquired Obstructive (absorption) collapse
due to complete obstruction of
Compression bronchi Lumen F.B., mucus
Collapse Wall tumor or stricture
Outside LN or tumor
due to pneumothorax or effusion

Symptoms Manifest. Of the cause
Dyspnea cyanosis
Signs Inspection retraction, movement
Palpation TVF - mediastinal shift
Percussion dullness
Auscultation absent breath sounds
1- From other causes of $ of multiple -ve signs with effusion & fibrosis.
2- Consolidation:
Compressed alveoli bronchial breathing (underlying
bronchus patent).
1- X-ray Overcrowded ribs
Raised copula
Mediastinal shift opaque
Collapsed lung well defined border.
Bronchoscopy to detect the cause as F.B. or secretion & to remove the cause.
a. Treatment of the cause
b. Bronchoscopy
c. O2 - Antibiotic
d. Breathing exercises.

Source: Internal Medicine Book of Dr.Osama Mahmoud (Ain Shams University)