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12-02-2008, 01:52 PM
Glaucoma and Children
Q.How is an eye examination given to an infant or young child?
A.If glaucoma is suspected in a child under the age of four, it is often necessary to perform an examination with the child under anesthesia. Under anesthesia, the doctor is best able to test the child’s intraocular pressure (javascript:popWinGlossary("glossary_pop.php?g=20");) (tonometry) and evaluate the angles or dimensions of the eye (gonioscopy). Gonioscopy (javascript:popWinGlossary("glossary_pop.php?g=19");) assists the doctor in determining whether the eye is functioning properly: producing, circulating, and draining the fluid or aqueous (javascript:popWinGlossary("glossary_pop.php?g=8");) humor within the eye.

Q.Should I allow my twelve year old participate in regular activities and sports, despite his glaucoma?
A.Your child’s participation level depends on his level of vision and the condition of his eyes. You should speak with your child’s ophthalmologist to determine what level of activity would be acceptable and what could be damaging. It is possible for a child to have a normal and active life if the glaucoma is under control and sight is good. If a child has had a corneal transplant, more caution is warranted and the child’s physical activity should not be strenuous or fast-paced.

Q.Is there a surgery that can cure childhood glaucoma?
A.Congenital (javascript:popWinGlossary("glossary_pop.php?g=11");), or infantile, glaucoma can often be “cured” through a goniotomy or trabeculotomy (javascript:popWinGlossary("glossary_pop.php?g=39");) surgical procedure, although it may be necessary to have more than one operation. These procedures are invasive and intended to cut the trabecular meshwork (eye’s drain) in order to improve its drainage function. If these procedures are unsuccessful, it will become necessary to perform a trabeculectomy, a filtering surgery traditionally given to adults. If surgery is successful, it is sometimes considered a “cure” because the glaucoma may never become problematic or vision threatening, but it never really goes away. There is still a chance that conditions will surface years later, and that further treatment with medication and/or surgery will be required.

04-01-2010, 06:39 PM
Hi again

I notice a 25 improvement in my eyes, they are more white and feel better

I had an appointment with an normal eye doctor yesterday, and got this diagnosis:

Posterior blepharitis because of rosacea ocular. I got fucithalmic eye drops..

How long time does it take before I notice a difference??