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04-27-2007, 01:15 PM
IMR International Limited, developers of e-communication and clinical information solutions, today announced that Pfizer will partner with the Company to develop a new online interactive knowledge centre on the treatment of Neuropathic Pain. The new centre will form part of the EMA (European Medical Association) sanctioned EPG Online service www.epgonline.org a web service dedicated to doctors, which provides access to diagnosis and patient management guidance. This independent service also provides access to a range of EU pharmaceutical drug data via an innovative search tool. Registration and access to EPG Online is free to Healthcare Professionals. The addition of the Neuropathic Pain Knowledge Centre will broaden the range of content that IMR and EPG Online already provides to its users.

"We recognize that today's physicians are faced with an overwhelming challenge in keeping up-to-date with current thinking and best practice," said Chris Cooper, Managing Director of IMR International Ltd. "By working with partners in healthcare such as Pfizer we are helping more than 1.2 million European healthcare professionals stay current, and in turn, make more informed clinical decisions."

The new Neuropathic Pain Knowledge Centre will join existing interactive guides to form part of the EPG Online interactive knowledge 'library', a range of guides designed specifically for use by doctors. Other guides focus on subjects such as Arthritis, Diabetes, Contraception, Migraine, Cervical Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Oncology and Hypertension.

"This new Neuropathic Pain Knowledge Centre will, when launched, satisfy not only an expressed need from our doctors but also help them to arrive at a more confident diagnosis and, therein, effective treatment for their patients suffering from Neuropathic Pain." EPG Online's Partnership Director, Stuart Wagner, stated. "We are confident this resource will prove very valuable to the practicing European doctor."

Neuropathic pain is a disease widely under diagnosed and under treated. It affects approx. 5-7% of the European population. Typical underlying diseases with neuropathic pain include painful diabetic neuropathy (DPN), postherpetic neuropathy (PHN), back pain with neuropathic components (e.g. rediculopathy) and many more.

EPG Online also provides access to drug databases, safety alerts, drug reviews, evidence based commentary and findings, medical news (EPG Online are BBC health news affiliate partners) and journal abstracts. EPG Online was established in 2002 having previously launched in 1999 as a software only application. The service is funded through pharmaceutical industry sponsorship and educational grants.

About IMR International Limited.

East Sussex, UK based IMR International Ltd is a private limited Company specializing in the delivery of e-communication and clinical information solutions. The Company's activities fall within three key areas of competency. Electronic Publishing, e-Marketing/Communications Solutions and Campaign Design. It also provides database analysis, market research (Healthcare) and market intelligence services.