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06-08-2008, 08:32 AM
m Aetiology: The same of incisional hernia.
m Types:
A) Complete burst: Suddenly the bowel prolapse from the abdomen and the edges of the skin are completely separated.
B) Partial burst in which the skin is intact over prolapsed intestine from the deep wound layers.
A serosanguinous discharge is often a warning sign of impending burst abdomen.
m Treatment:
Anti1shock measures e.g. intravenous morphia:
Urgent closure of the wound and reduction of the bowel.
The wound is closed in one layer by thick silk suture.
The sutures should be supported by abdominal binder or adhesive plaster and the sutures are removed after 2:3 weeks.
After healing is established an incisional hernia may result which require treatment
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