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06-08-2008, 08:11 AM
Anatomy Of The Inguinal Canal

· It is an oblique canal extending from deep to external ing. rings.
· The deep ring is an opening in fascia transversalis 0.5 inch above the mid ing. point '' midway between symphysis pubis. & anterior superior iliac spine."
· The superficial inguinal ring is an opening in ext. oblique aponeurosis. 0.5 inch above & medial. to pubic tubercle.
Boundaries of the Canal:
Ant. wall: Ext. oblique aponeurosis "along the whole length"
Conjoined tendon "laterally"
Superiorly: Cojoined tendon "arching fibers"
Inferiorly: Inguinal lig. (Poupart's lig.)
FN.B. Conjoined tendon is the result of union of lower muscle fibers of internal oblique & transversus abdominis and it make 3 relations to inguinal canal.
Post. wall: Fascia transversalis "along the whole length"
Conjoined tendon "medially".
Boundaries of the iguinal (Hasselbach)’s triangle:
Medially ® lat. border of rectus sheath.
Laterally ®inf. epigastric artery.
Inferiorly ® inguinal ligament..
Floor (post.) ® conjoint tendon & fascia transversalis.
Structures passing through the deep inguinal ring:
1- Spermatic cord in male or round ligament of uterus in female.
2- Genital branch of genitofemoral nerve (to cremasteric muscle)
3- Cremasteric artery which is branch of inferior epigastric artery to cremasteric muscle.
Structures passing through the superficial ing. ring:
1- Spermatic cord or round ligament of uterus.
2- Internal spermatic fascia.
3- Cremasteric muscle & its fascia.
4- Genital branch of genitofemoral nerve.
5- Cremasteric artery. 6- Ilio-inguinal nerve.
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