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06-06-2008, 02:31 PM
m Aetiology: Obst. of the common bile duct by:
1- In the lumen: Stone or Parasite e.g. Ascaris or Fasciola.
2- In the wall:
Ä Congenital atresia or stenosis.
Ä Traumatic post operative stricture.
Ä Inflammatory cholangitis.
Ä Neoplastic CA of bile or hepatic ducts or ampulla of vater.
3- Outside the wall:
Ä Big stone in Heart man's pouch.
Ä CA. head of pancreas.
Ä Pre-ampullary carcinoma.
Ä Malig. L.N. deposits at porta hepatis.


Ä All previous causes are extra hepatic causes & some cases may occur due to intrahepatic cholestasis but usually treated medically.

Ä Commonest causes of obst. Jaundice are calcular obst. jaundce and CA. Head of pancrease.

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