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05-30-2008, 04:25 PM
Where will we be in five years time? How will the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme change? Will complementary therapies be more regulated? And what of medicines use by children and new mothers? Will Indigenous health outcomes have improved?

These are just some of the topics being discussed at the National Medicines Symposium taking place in Canberra. The biennial dialogue begins on 14 May at the National Convention Centre and sees leading medicines experts from across Australia and around the world sharing information and debating the big issues both publically and behind the scenes.

"The Symposium gives policy makers, researchers and interested parties a chance to exchange ideas and shape best practice for future medicines use in Australia," said Dr Lynn Weekes, CEO National Prescribing Service Ltd (NPS). "We're expecting some sparks to fly."

Hosted by NPS, an independent, non-profit medicines information service, and the Pharmaceutical Health and Rational use of Medicines (PHARM), the theme is "Quality Use of Medicines: what does it really mean for you? The science, the policy and the practice."

International guests include:

- Professor Rachael Elliott (University of Nottingham) - delivering a White Paper titled "Health policy: helping or hindering Quality Use of Medicines?"; - Jean R Slutsky (US Department of Health & Human Services) - discussi
ng "An ageing world: implications for QUM";
- Professor Anita Hardon (University of Amsterdam) - sharing information about "The place of medicines in society";
- Barbara Shea (Vice President, Canadian Optimal Medication Prescribing and Utilisation Service) - giving the closing address comparing and contrasting the Australian and Canadian experiences with medicines and healthcare systems.

"We are delighted that these eminent international academics have confirmed their attendance and are keen to hear their contributions to the Australian discussion," said Dr Weekes.

In addition, Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) Scholarship winner Mr Surulivel Rajan Mallayasamy, from Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, India, will be at the Symposium and Rhonda Galbally AO, CEO of Our Community, will facilitate a panel discussion about health policy and QUM. There are a number of additional speakers of interest to media, including: Bill Bowtell of the Lowy Institute, Peter Brooks and Sophie Couzos of James Cook University.

The National Prescribing Service Limited (NPS) is a non-profit organisation, independent of Government and the pharmaceutical industry. NPS supports a quality use of medicines by providing accurate, balanced, evidence-based information and services to help people choose if, when and how to use medicines to improve their health. The information NPS provides is based on critical analyses of current evidence, and is consistent with national guidelines. It is reviewed by independent researchers and experts in clinical pharmacology, medicine, general practice and communication. NPS is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. Pharmaceutical Health And Rational use of Medicines (PHARM) is an expert advisory committee established to oversee the Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) component of Australia's National Medicine Policy and provides expert advice to the Minister for Health and Ageing and the Department of Health and Ageing.

National Prescribing Service Limited (http://www.nps.org.au/)

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