View Full Version : Get Rid of Acne with a Low-carb Diet

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08-11-2012, 02:48 PM

Reducing carbohydrate in your diet not only keeps your tummy flat, but may also improve acne, according to a report.

WebMD News reported that low-carb eating could help clear up acne by controlling glucose levels, which can promote a healthier complexion.

People with acne may have what is called hyperinsulinemia, which is characterized by excess levels of insulin in the blood.

"Foods that are low in the glycemic index (GI) may contribute to the hormonal control of acne," the Independent quoted Alan R. Shalita, MD, chairman of the department of dermatology at SUNY Downstate Medical Centre in New York, as telling WebMD.

"I would encourage patients with acne to moderate the amount of carbs that they eat and not to overdo dairy," which can also cause acne, he added.

Selecting foods lower on the glycemic index means avoiding blood sugar spikes with white rice, sweets, and white flour breads and opting for fresh foods, such as vegetables, meat, and fruits.

Shalita also debunked the myth that chocolate triggers blemishes, noting that for people who do react to chocolate, it is more a result of the sugar and fat in the candy.