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07-26-2012, 02:25 PM

Wintertime weather is tough on skin, but there are things you can do to return your skin to its healthiest condition. Below are the five tips about wintertime skin answered by top expert, Dr. Mitchell Chasin, Medical Director at Reflections, Center for Skin and Body.
Blotchy red skin is usually due to skin dehydration. Avoid hot, prolonged showers. Frequent use of moisturizer and using non-soak cleansers can help, along with running a humidifier in your bedroom while you sleep.
Avoid anything skin care products that contain agents that strip the skin of its natural moisture. In the winter we typically decrease the strength of the retinoids we give to patients.
Wintertime can be notoriously bad for acne due to decreased time in the sunlight. (The bacteria that cause acne flourish in the winter in the absence of UV light.) UV and other light-based therapies can help keep acne-causing bacteria in check. Also, many people go off their acne medication in the summer. Itís important to get back on it in the fall before the winter hits and acne regains the upper hand.
Eating a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts and seeds will help combat acne and make your skin look terrific. Of course drinking plenty of water is also critical for healthy skin. When acne is bad, avoid simple sugars and excessive dairy intake.
To help dry hands and cuticles, avoid hot water and stringent soap, and try to moisturize hands right after washing, before they are fully dried. For the feet, applying moisturizer right after getting out of the shower should help lock the moisture in. Also, rubberized shoes that donít breathe well can make feet sweat, which leads to skin irritation, which leads to dryness. Avoid shoes that are sealed and make your feet sweat and wear thicker, absorbent socks that wick moisture away from your feet.

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