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04-21-2008, 03:47 PM
mAetiology: Sympathetic irritation due to:
Abdominal operation usually outside stomach.
Fracture spine or prolonged recumbency.
Inhalation anaesthesia.
mCl. Picture: Start from 2-3 days after operation.
1) Effortless vomiting of brownish fluid due to congestion of the stomach due to atony.
2) Upper abdominal discomfort.
3) Rapid dehydration shock in few hours.
4) Succusion splash in the left hypochondrium.
m Treatment:
It can be prevented by wide nasogastric tube admission in all abdominal operations. If the case occurred:
1) Wide nasogastric suction tube to regain gastric tone.
2) Morphia to allay anxiety.
3) Antibiotics to prevent chest infection.
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