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02-19-2008, 07:38 PM
The CCA published its submission to the Department of Health of policy thinking to inform the writing of the pharmacy White Paper. The CCA paper, forwarded to The Department of Health before Christmas, outlines a number of measures that the CCA would like to see included in the White Paper.

Rob Darracott, CCA's Chief Executive comments:

"The pharmacy profession received a clear steer from Dawn Primarolo at the All Party Pharmacy Group that this White Paper is about joining pharmacy up with the rest of the NHS. This places an onus and responsibility on pharmacy bodies to engage with and understand the dynamics of the bigger NHS picture; and to think through and contribute policy solutions that go beyond the realms of pharmacy. This is what we are seeking to do in this submission. "

The policy proposals that the CCA describes cover primary care commissioning policy, the pharmacy contract and professional leadership. Specific policy proposals include:

- A number of policy developments that would help ensure a more level playing field between primary care providers.

- Better scrutiny of the commissioning process, including LPC input into assessments to scrutinise fairness, transparency, and value for money from local commissioning.

- The introduction of an NHS management competency programme for healthcare professionals, including pharmacists, to professionalise clinical commissioning input.

- Further development of advanced services and the removal of numerical limits on their provision.

- Development of a mechanism to maintain an incentive to purchase effectively and use savings made to expand pharmacy based services, modelled on practice based commissioning, with 70% of excess purchase profits available for reinvestment in pharmacy based patient care.

- A commitment to the development of a mechanism within the contractual framework for rewarding quality in the provision of pharmacy services.

Please find attached The CCA's full response. If you would like to talk to The CCA about our response, please contact Georgina Craig on the mobile number below.

http://www.thecca.org.uk (http://www.thecca.org.uk/)