View Full Version : Government Accepts RPSGB Stance On Future Pharmacy Body, UK

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02-19-2008, 07:32 PM
The Government have ruled out the possibility of transferring any of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain's functions, other than regulatory, to the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). During a debate on the Health and Social Care Bill, Health Minister, Ben Bradshaw MP, gave an unequivocal explanation of the aims of the Government with regard to de-merging the Society's professional body from its regulatory activities.

Mr Bradshaw maintained the Government's view that the existing legislation referred solely to regulation and commented: "There is no possibility of any functions other than regulatory functions being transferred under the Bill".

The Society and Government have been in discussions regarding the precise wording of a clause within the Bill, which the RPSGB maintained could result in the GPhC removing more than those functions that relate purely to regulatory activity. The Society had received widespread support from MPs in its campaign to define more closely what activities would be affected by the creation of the GPhC.

Society President, Hemant Patel, commented:

"The Society has worked hard to achieve this commitment from Government. We now have a clear view of the Government's intentions and this will help us in planning towards a new professional body for pharmacy. Before Ben Bradshaw's comments, we were in a position where any form of representation on behalf of our members, considered unacceptable by future governments, may have resulted in further activities being stripped away. We are now clear that we will be able to fully represent membership views without fear of retribution."

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