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02-19-2008, 07:27 PM
The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain has today (25 January) submitted its evidence to the Clarke Inquiry, an independent inquiry commissioned by the Society to look into possible options for a new professional leadership body for pharmacy.

The Society's submission details its strategic response to this future challenge.

The new professional body should serve the whole profession - generalists and specialists, basic-level and advanced practitioners. It should lead and support them to enable them to realise their professional aspirations and deliver the best possible service to patients and the public. It also needs to provide a clear, strong voice for pharmacy in policy development and public affairs. In doing this it should provide a vision which can unite pharmacy. The Society is keen to collaborate with other pharmacy bodies to make this a reality.

Hemant Patel, President of the Society, said: "The Society is pharmacy's most significant intellectual and financial asset. It is the only pharmacy body with the breadth and depth of expertise to provide the foundation for the new professional body. In achieving this, it will work with all parties outside the Society and its membership to create a strong clear and united voice for the profession. Members will be able to look with confidence to the new professional body for strength of vision and effective leadership".

The Society's full submission, together with a summary version, is available on the Society's website at http://www.rpsgb.org (http://www.rpsgb.org/).

The deadline for submissions to the Clarke Inquiry is 31 January. A final report will be presented by the Clarke Inquiry to the Society's Council in May.


The Inquiry was set up in response to the programme of reform set out in the government's review of healthcare professional regulation in its White Paper, Trust, Assurance and Safety - The Regulation of Health Professionals in the 21st Century. In a drive to modernise the pharmacy profession a new professional body will stand alongside the new General Pharmaceutical Council, which will take over the Society's regulatory function.

For further information about the Clarke Inquiry and to view the Society's full submission of evidence, see: http://www.theclarkeinquiry.com (http://www.theclarkeinquiry.com/).

A summary of the submission is outlined in a leaflet published by the Society titled "The future of pharmacy: The vision for your new professional body". This leaflet will be distributed with the 26 January issues of The Pharmaceutical Journal and Chemist and Druggist.

Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (http://www.rpsgb.org/)