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12-02-2010, 09:59 AM
Glucagon, like insulin, must be injected. Within the glucagon kit are insulin syringes and needles pre-filled with a liquid and a vial of powdered glucagon. You prepare the glucagon for injection immediately before use by following the instructions that are included with the glucagon kit. In general, small children (under 20 kg, or 44 pounds) are given 1/2 cc (half the syringe), while older children and adults are given 1cc (the entire syringe). In kids, some authorities advise using 1/2 cc to start with, and then giving the other 1/2 about 20 minutes later if needed. This method can lessen the rebound hyperglycemia that usually ensues after use of glucagon. There is no danger of overdose, however. Injection is given in a large muscle, such as the buttocks, thigh or arm. (The needle on the syringe is usually larger than those on insulin syringes (http://www.typefreediabetes.com/Insulin-Accessories-s/25.htm).)

There is injection preparation instructions imprinted onto the cases of emergency glucagon kits and blood glucose test kit so that the process is simple even for someone injecting a patient for the first time. It is best to inject a patient in a large muscle, such as the thigh or buttocks, because of the size of the needle. Keep in mind is that children should only be given about half of the syringe (1/2 cc) while adults should take the whole syringe (1cc).

Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetics

Type 2 Diabetics and pre-diabetics may also face low blood sugar levels that cause them to require emergency treatment. In most cases, a simple glass of juice or sugar free chocolates can help to restore the blood sugar to safe levels. Therefore, it is always a good idea to keep sugar free cookies and sugar free candy or a juice box on hand, even when you are not insulin-dependent.

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11-28-2011, 09:40 PM
Type 2 diabetes is non-insulin dependent.

In the US, it is becoming epidemic due to obesity. The body produces insulin -- but it either is not producing enough insulin or the body is not using the insulin effectively.

Patients with NIDDM may have to periodically take insulin to control high blood sugars but they are not dependent on it.

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Does anyone have an opinion about scoring the Insulin Pump under Manamgment Options MDM? Would you count as Prescription drug management or Complex Insulin RX?

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