View Full Version : Exercise Program Implementation Proves Not Feasible During Acute Care Hospitalization

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07-27-2007, 09:25 AM
Reports have demonstrated a high probability that older adults hospitalized for acute medical conditions will experience a decline in physical function. We investigated the feasibility of an inpatient followed by an in-home exercise program for patients with limited ambulatory ability at hospital admission.

We designed our original pilot study to be a randomized controlled trial involving an exercise group and a controlled group with a planned enrollment of 50 subjects.

However, 10 were recruited and only 1 completed the 24-week exercise program. Qualitative interviews suggested that most patients believed exercise to be beneficial, but this interest did not translate into adherence to the study protocol.

We concluded that this program was not feasible, but that an inhome exercise program implemented after hospital discharge may have a higher likelihood of success.

This article can be found in the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development Volume 43, Number 7, Page 939 (http://www.rehab.research.va.gov/jour/06/index06.html)

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