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10-21-2010, 07:32 AM
A diagnosis of pre-diabetes indicates that your blood sugar levels are 100-125 milligrams per deciliter via the fasting plasma glucose test (people with diabetes have blood sugar levels of 126 mg/dL or more). This means that you’re likely to develop type 2 diabetes within 10 years unless you adopt a healthier lifestyle.

You may always be inching toward the edge, but Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease: You can always watch where you're stepping. By losing a mere 7 percent of your body weight by using body fat monitor (http://www.typefreediabetes.com/Body-Fat-Measurement-s/72.htm), avoiding added simple sugars by taking sugar free recipes (http://www.typefreediabetes.com/Diabetic-Recipes-s/5733.htm) , added syrups, any grain but 100 percent whole grains, saturated and trans fats and exercising only 150 minutes a week, you can bring your blood-sugar levels back to normal. If you're normal, you're, well, normal. You technically don't have prediabetes, though you'll always have the genes for it and will be at risk. But you'll never have to have the disease or its consequences. It is important to know if you have prediabetes, because research has shown that some long-term complications associated with diabetes – such as heart disease and nerve damage – may begin during prediabetes

The good news is that studies show that people with pre-diabetes can prevent the development of type 2 diabetes with a combination of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, choosing healthy foods and meals for diabetics, and getting regular exercise. Your doctor may also want you to use medications to delay the onset of diabetes.

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03-27-2011, 10:57 PM
This is very interesting.

Think I might ask a poll question on this.

My father has just been diagnosed borderline diabetic. And after telling neurologists forever that there was no diabetes in my family; well my mother only just remembered to tell me that my grandmother and her father had it all on my fathers side. I am very much like my father in my family. I am wandering if I have sugar highs and lows without it coming up high on tests.

Aparently if you are pre diabetic it is possible to turn it around by making all the lifestyle changes etc.

I could certainly do with losing some weight, but I do eat very healthy and exercise as much as I can without making my nerve damaged foot worse. But I just stay the weight Any suggestions from anyone on that?? I dont eat much bread or pasta because I get yeast probs but do try and eat brown rice as often as poss.

Hope you havent had another attack since Mary


04-07-2011, 04:28 PM
very helpful, thank you