View Full Version : Diabetes control solutions through Diabetes Test Strips and Meters

09-02-2010, 12:40 PM
Diabetes control solutions are used to determine the accuracy of your blood sugar monitor and diabetes test strips. Glucose control solutions work just as blood would with your diabetic meter and your blood glucose test strips. This is due to the fact that your diabetes control solution contains just enough glucose to react with the test strips similarly to when you perform a glucose blood test.

Why should you use Diabetes Control Solutions?

To practice monitoring your blood sugar levels (important for recently diagnosed diabetics)
To determine if a new meter is functioning properly, this serves as a way to calibrate your diabetes meter
To make sure your blood glucose meter and diabetes test strips are not damaged, if your meter has fallen accidentally or if your vial of glucometer test strips have been left open or in the heat.

Things to remember when purchasing Glucose Control Solution:

Each brand of Diabetes Control Solution is made for that specific brand of diabetes test strips, portion control plates and not necessarily for that specific brand of diabetes meter.
The Diabetes Control Solution range is usually found on the package of diabetes test strips and Diabetes Insulin Pump
If an error occurs, follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to isolate and correct the error

Calibrate regularly. Diabetic Control Solutions are important tools for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your blood glucose monitor and your blood glucose test strips.

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