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07-22-2007, 06:20 PM
Drs. Jay P. Wilson and Adam J. Burke of Wilson Chiropractic Center (www.WilsonChiropracticCenter.com (http://www.wilsonchiropracticcenter.com/)) have announced an upcoming Holistic Health Fair. Scheduled for Saturday, June 2nd, 2007, from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., the fair will take place at the Wilson Chiropractic Center located at 7300 France Avenue, in Edina Minnesota.

The Holistic Health Fair is open to the public and will introduce guests and current patients to a variety of natural health practices. The fair will feature practitioners from several healthcare disciplines, including dentistry, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, nutrition, personal training and naturopathy. Services that will be offered throughout the day include free massage, free computer spinal assessment exam and free scoliosis screening for kids. Free lunch and refreshments will also be provided, as well as valuable giveaways and a chance to win a new fully loaded 2007 Saturn Ion.

"We want to see people taking ownership of their health and well-being," Dr. Adam Burke said. "The Holistic Health Fair is a great opportunity to get an introduction to health-enhancing alternatives to some of the prescription meds that our society is over-reliant upon. Millions of prescriptions are written each year for pain, allergies, and other symptoms, without adequate testing of their efficacy or safety. Holistic healthcare offers safe and effective alternatives."

Wilson Chiropractic Center, in business for 43 years, offers family healthcare and specializes in allergy elimination. Using a method called Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique, or NAET, the doctors at Wilson Chiropractic Center are able to treat chronic allergic reactions, including severe environmental allergies and peanut allergies, even lactose intolerance and pet allergies. Allergic reactions occur when our immune systems are exposed to allergens and then become over-reactive to them. "We utilize chiropractic care and a form of acupuncture to -- in essence -- rewire the nervous system so that the immune system can properly handle allergens the way it was meant to," Dr. Burke said. "It's important to understand that antihistamines and other allergy medications just suppress the symptoms rather than treating the underlying cause of the reaction." He added that antihistamines can also lead to digestive problems and other serious side effects.!

Drs. Wilson and Burke are hosting the Holistic Health Fair as part of an on-going effort to help educate people on a holistic approach to healthcare, and how their approach can assist patients in overcoming health challenges such as severe allergies. "We see people's lives change," Dr. Burke said. "Patients who suffered for years before treatment are now able to go outside during the allergy season, play with their pets, eat the foods they want to eat, and enter the environments that were previously off limits to them. It really is life-altering."

Wilson Chiropractic Center is located at 7300 France Avenue in Edina, Minnesota, and can be reached at 952-835-0006. The Wilson Chiropractic Center website, www.WilsonChiropracticCenter.com (http://www.wilsonchiropracticcenter.com/), provides articles and information on health and holistic approaches to wellness.