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07-21-2007, 09:29 PM
While the promise of artificial skin has been reported and debated for more than a decade, it is only recently that commercial treatments based on this family of technologies have become established. Early successes have been offset by a lack of comparative data and the custom methods used to produce and process the cellular matrices and autologous cells that comprise the majority of commercial and late-stage skin substitutes. But clinical data from a handful of approved products has demonstrated the potential of skin substitutes, particularly for the treatment of diabetic ulcers and severe burns, and has positioned this sector to achieve total revenue of 475 million dollars by 2010.

Several factors have slowed acceptance of bioengineered skin substitutes. The small biotech companies involved in creating and developing the technology typically do not have the resources for large, long-term clinical trials to provide information on the cost effectiveness of the treatment compared to conventional alternatives. Lack of cost effectiveness data is the main reason for which insurance companies are reluctant to reimburse treatment with tissue repair products. But investment from larger players and ongoing academic programs have kept the science moving forward.

Increases in disease prevalence in conditions such as diabetes will have a significant impact on demand for bioengineered skin substitutes. Other factors that will push up service-use include adverse consequences of health care, for example, drug-resistant infections and inappropriate or sub-optimal interventions.

Skin Substitutes and Cellular matrices, a recently released report, analyzes emerging therapeutics, market participants, and key regulatory and technology factors influencing this market and shaping growth prospects over the next four years. It is available from Applied Data Research by visiting: http://www.applieddata.org/Cellular_Matrices.htm (http://www.applieddata.org/Cellular_Matrices.htm)

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