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07-21-2007, 02:12 PM
All wart viruses including plantar warts are very common and everywhere. If you were to avoid exposure to HPV (human papilloma virus) it would mean total isolation. However, you can minimize such exposure by taking a few simple preventative precautions:

Don't share towels, wash cloths, socks or footwear with anyone including members of your own family. Wear thongs or other footwear in locker rooms and public showers and at public pools when not swimming. Be aware that gyms have a lot of equipment used by many people so there is often excessive sweat and moisture on these amenities. Use the disinfectant supplied by staff to wipe down equipment before use. A new possible source of infections to the feet is the use of shared exercise and yoga mats. So if you are a yoga fan be aware of this possibility and invest in your own personal mat or purchase one of half a dozen kinds of "yoga mat wipes" or other new products like hand and foot mitts. If you are concerned about possible infection in your own home, then the same advice applies to showers and the pool area there. Keep the shower and bathroom floors well disinfected.

It is easier to treat plantar warts when they are newly formed and small. As they age, the skin becomes thicker and more difficult to penetrate so that many over-the-counter medications cannot do their job. Here are some treatment options for plantar warts (http://www.amoils.com/treatment/warts/plantar-warts.html) for you to consider:

- Laser treatment can be a very effective method for treating plantar warts but it is expensive. There is little advantage with this method unless the warts are very large or there are many to be removed. There is also the risk of infection and scarring.
- Freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen is another form of treatment. This can be very painful in the case of plantar warts and can take several days or weeks to heal.
- Topical acids can be used without too much pain and there is no restriction of activity. However, several treatments for warts (http://www.amoils.com/warts.html) may be required and they are not always 100% successful.
- Surgical excision has a high success rate with a relatively low rate of recurrence. However, there is some discomfort and it can take some time for the area to heal completely. Again there is also the risk of infection and scarring.
- A natural healing formula produced from essential oils is indicated for the treatment of plantar warts and there is no skin irritation or scarring.

Keep plantar warts covered while they are being treated and a special pad (available from a drug store) can be used to relieve any pressure and pain from the wart.

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