Cystosarcoma phylloids: Serocystic disease of Brodie:
Age:It is a giant soft fibro-adenoma > 40 ys.
Rapid growth attain large size "may involve the whole breast"
The skin over not infiltrated but pressure necrosis may lead to its ulceration.
Cut section: the tumour tissues appears as lammellated layers like the papers of a book (Phylloids).
It is a benign tumour but sometimes it gives malignant behaviour. Malignancy can be predicted by the microscopic appearance of the strauma which simulate sarcomtous tissue. This type metastasise only by blood not by lymphatics.
Clinical Picture:
1- The mass involve the whole breast with variable consistency with bosselated surface.
2- Skin:- Shows dilated veins. May undergo ulceration but a probe can be embedded below the margin of the ulcer.
Treatment: Simple mastectomy.
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