Irritation fibroma (traumatic fibroma)

Irritation fibroma (traumatic fibroma) pictures 38.jpg
Description: Traumatic fibroma is a dome-shaped soft tissue mass usually found on buccal mucosa along the line of occlusion. Less frequently they may be found on lips and tongue. They are among the most common oral soft tissue lesions. The color is usually the same as the surrounding mucosa and the consistency is surprisingly soft. Patients are generally aware of the lesion being present months to years with little change. Histologically, they are fibrous hyperplasia which is collagenous and relatively acellular.
Etiology: The presumed etiology is trauma to the affected mucosa. Accidental biting probably accounts for most of these lesions.
Treatment: Excision
Prognosis: Good
Differential diagnosis: Salivary gland tumors may have a similar appearance but usually are more firm. Other lesions such as lipoma and mucocele may also resemble traumatic fibroma.

UMKC Dental School and Dr. Charles Dunlap and Dr. Bruce Barker