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    Full complete clinical examination of the chest, lungs and respiration with breath sounds

    The setting for the chest examination must be environmentally comfortable for both clinician and patient. The physical examination begins with the commencement of history taking. The examiner extends a hand in greeting, asks about the symptoms that initiated the visit, and begins physical inspection, noting body position, assessing degree of comfort, inspecting and palpating the hands, and noting grip strength. The history determines the examination format. Experienced clinicians exploit the history to help them "look" for specific physical findings to answer questions posed by the totality of data collected previously. When using this process, it is unusual for two consecutive chest examinations to be identical. By the time the physical examination is complete, even before laboratory evaluations are initiated, the diagnosis should be reasonably certain.
    The pulmonary examination consists of inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation. The inspection process initiates and continues throughout the patient encounter. Palpation, confirmed by percussion, assesses for tenderness and degree of chest expansion. Auscultation, a more sensitive process, confirms earlier findings and may help to identify specific pathologic processes not previously recognized.

    This video aims to give you an idea of what's required in the Respiratory Examination OSCE.

    We show you how to perform the respiratory exam, the OSCEstation way! Complete with photos of the physical signs you need to identify and audio of the breath sounds you'll come across.

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